Open-source Bioreactor

I joined an open-source bioreactor project to create an affordable automated bioreactor. One of my contributions to the project was the development of a heating and cooling system. When I joined the team, funding for the project had been approved, but not received, and details of the bioreactor’s functional design were nebulous but taking shape. For example, the dimensions of the bioreactor were determined, but a method to mix reactor contents had not been selected. I found that contributing as the lead developer of the bioreactor’s heating and cooling system would be the best way for me to advance the project. All team members had different interests and know-how, and led the development of unique components. Therefore, communication was essential in creating a complete bioreactor prototype.

Here you will find I’ve split up my contributions into three phases — modeling, building, and testing.

Modeling heat transfer
Enabeling heating and cooling
Testing the system